Fuel Industry face two major problems past eight years period;

Global financial crisis effects at 2009 and to adapt the lease contracts to 5 years according to the EU compliance laws.
Adapting the existing lease contracts to 5 years, decrease the profitability and flexibility of the companies.

To increase the profitability and customer footfall, Non Fuel Retail will be the major area to focus on. To define the opportunities, Fuel companies have to;

-Discuss and align NFR journey and the strategy way forward.
- Share current status and learnings.
-Discuss new opportunities, capabilities with market reality.
-Discuss alternatives on revenue extraction which should overcome DO mindset.
-Discuss risks on exclusive supplier contracts.
-Ask for senior support to put CR in people agendas.
-Discuss next steps for an integrated, brand building marketing activities.
-Get senior view on how to take NFR in to the next level.